Peter & Jake’s Winter Wedding at the Kallet Center

To commemorate Jake & Peter’s 1st wedding anniversary I felt it was no better time to get their wedding blogged! It’s been 1 year since their celebration fit for for the stars and it’s so fun to take a look back. A recurring notion throughout their day was how incredible it was that they planned their entire wedding in just a few short months. Hindsight, I’m convinced they had insider information into the world shutting down mere weeks after their wedding (kidding, kidding!!). The level of thought and care that went into every detail of their day was beyond anything I have seen. Every aspect felt so personal. From customized film posters, to penguin name tags and homemade Italian cookies for dessert. Not to mention select members of the audience that one by one revealed themselves to be apart of a full chorus and burst into song as soon as they were pronounced married. Picture the wedding scene from Love Actually but 100 times better because the chorus was compiled of close friends & students of the groom. Yep, pure magic.

This day truly belonged to them.

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